Already successful.

We’re often hard on ourselves, harder than we are on others. We may silently—and sometimes even aloud—denigrate our appearance, social skills, thoughts, or achievements. On bad days, we may see ourselves as failures.

Regardless of our circumstances, this just isn’t true. No matter what we look like, who are friends are, what we think, or what we’ve done, we are successful simply by virtue of being alive.

We’re divinely interconnected instances of creation and as such are perfect in essence. And we’ve managed, somehow, to make it through good and difficult days alive up until this point. That probably isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

What might change is how we view ourselves. What if we could celebrate just being alive? What if we could enjoy simple daily pleasures? What if we could recognize the good in ourselves? What if we could be happy being who we are living the life we have? How might our definition of personal success change?

Today’s message invites me to acknowledge the beauty in myself and my existence right now. When I see what I have and what I am as success, gratitude cannot be far behind.

Please reflect and share. How do you define personal success?