Change the channel.

Sometimes situations are painful for us. We struggle and may resist, wondering why things have to be as they are. It seems hard.

We likely want things to be different. Maybe that’s possible and maybe it’s not. Some things, like death and catastrophic loss, simply don’t alter.

Yes, time may help soften the blows of painful circumstances. Other than that, the only other thing that can effectively change is our perspective.

Our experience of life can be likened to a TV set. What we view depends on the channel (or input) we select. If what we’re watching doesn’t serve us, we can choose to change what we see. To do so, we must release our preconceptions of the situation and allow a new and different perspective to reveal itself.

Perhaps we’re taking the situation too personally. In the case of a loss, that’s a natural human reaction. But it may also help to remind ourselves that the occurrence doesn’t only affect us. It likely has wider repercussions. How might that awareness, alter our perception of our experience?

Or our fixed view of the situation may prevent us from taking other aspects of it into account. When we release all set ideas and assumptions, we might be able to receive a different impression of the experience.

Today’s message reminds me that I always can change my input into a situation, if I don’t care for the outcome. When I experiment with different ways of seeing things, I may find one that serves me better.

Please reflect and share. Do you have a fixed or flexible platform of perception?