Sense your connection.

Many of feel alone. Or we may feel lonely at least some of the time. When we’re consumed by devices and social media, it’s easy to draw back from contact with others.

We can become drawn into societal fashions and trends without having any meaningful contact or communication with others of our own or different species.

It takes conscious effort to reconnect, to find commonalities, acceptance, and understanding of others. But this is what we need to help alleviate our loneliness. We need to care about and be interested in and curious about others.

We can start simply, where we are with what and who surrounds us. If we sit quietly and breathe into our heart for a moment, we can let its awareness expand. Then using this heart awareness, we can gently reach out and connect with our surroundings.

We may encounter a pet, a tree, a bird, a co-worker or family member. Whatever or whomever we encounter, we can try to sense that thing or being with a positive and curious inquiry.

How does it/he/she/they feel? Is it any way similar to our own feelings. Other than proximity, what is a point of connection we share?

Once we’ve become more adept at this contemplative sensing, we can begin to take a similar awareness into our everyday interactions. We may discover that our curiosity and acceptance has broken down barriers in ourselves to meaningful connection.

Today’s message invites me to expand and hone my awareness of others. When I honor them with my positive attention, I expand my connection with all of existence.

Please reflect and share. How might you benefit from increased awareness of others?