Tend to yourself.

At this time of year, many of us are planning for the holidays. We’re working on a Thanksgiving menu and guest list. We’ve likely made a holiday gift list too, with an eye to shopping Black Friday sales.

We may have started buying gift wrap and decorations for the winter holidays. Holiday greeting cards may also be on our shopping list. We may have even started holiday baking.

There certainly is no shortage of tasks we can think up for ourselves. November and December can become a whirlwind of preparation, planning, and doing.

In all the bustle, we forget about the most important thing we can do—self-care. This is the one thing no one else can or will do for us. Only we can provide the daily tending and self-nurturing we need for our well-being. And so often, we may neglect it in favor of accomplishing tasks.

This is a splendid time to listen to our bodies and our souls to understand what we most need. Then we can provide it for ourselves, in some fashion, on a daily basis. Our health, happiness, and ongoing existence all benefit when we care for ourselves regularly.

Today’s message reminds me to prioritize self-care above other chores and goals. If I’m not healthy, happy, and well ongoing, nothing else really matters.

Please reflect and share. How solid is your self-care routine?