Even better!

Each day, however challenging, holds some good in it. There is always something, no matter how small, to be grateful for.

We woke up in relatively good health. The weather is fairly decent. There’s food in the cupboards and refrigerator. Our vehicle has a mostly full tank of gas. We have friends and or loved ones in our lives. Our pets are happy to be in our company. We’re able to earn money. There are plenty of good things going on every day.

By being regularly grateful, we build our manifestation muscle. No matter how many blessings we have right here and now, there is the potential for things to get even better. We simply need to be confident of that reality and empower it with our current gratitude for gifts received.

Today’s message encourages me to have hope that things will always improve in some way or another. I may not always recognize these opportunities for positive shift immediately when they occur, but Creation always desires to bless me.

Please reflect and share. What improvement are you confident that you will see?