Drop it.

We all carry burdens that weigh us down. Some are present obligations, things we or others think we should do.

Others are painful memories or emotions based in past events. Old difficult experiences can have their hooks in us. Most often those hooks are generated by emotions we’re holding on to.

Fears, resentments, guilt, regret, shame—all these can keep us stuck in repeating mindsets and patterns. Often the actual situation that generated the emotion is long gone, but we keep it fresh in memory and in its effect on our lives through the emotional hooks.

Tomorrow’s lunar eclipse is a great time to consciously review and let go of old emotional patterns. We can’t expect to get different results with the same, old input. So, it’s a great time to release a few items from our personal baggage.

Today’s message invites me to just let old griefs, grievances, and regrets go. It doesn’t matter so much if I was wronged or if I messed up. What does matter more is whether I choose to let lingering effects of the difficult situation constrain my future. It’s time to just drop it.

Please reflect and share. What might it benefit you to just drop?