Spiritual is more about how than about what.

Many of us desire to be spiritual. We want to be good Christians, faithful Muslims, heart-centered agnostics, etc. We want to view ourselves as spiritually aware and good people. We may also wish others to see us in the same light.

We may associate our vision of being good and holy with specific behaviors. Charitable donations, attending religious services, reading inspirational books, volunteer hours, helping friends and family, having a forgiving nature—all may be ways we might try to establish our spirituality.

But we can do all the right things and still not be spiritual. Spiritual is more about how we relate to life in general than what we precisely do or don’t do.

At the center of spirituality is love and gratitude. Love for ourselves and for all existence. Gratitude for the chance to be alive and to co-create our dreams.

Today’s message invites me to up my spiritual game from the inside out. When I’m spiritually aligned in my attitude toward and perception of all life, all my actions can be spiritual in nature.

Please reflect and share. How do you define spirituality?

For more on this topic, please see Chapter 12 “Are Our Lives Spiritual Enough?” in my book “The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.”