Find your rhythm…today.

We all want to be performing at our best. We wish to hit our stride and continue at a good pace, accomplishing much and reaching goals and dreams.

And some days we will be at our peak performance. We’ll proverbially move mountains and astonish ourselves and others with what we can do.

Other days, perhaps not so much. We may feel unfocused or tired or uninspired. And that’s okay, provided this state doesn’t define a goodly portion of our lives. We can’t expect to go at a flat-out pace all the time.

What’s most important is that we listen to ourselves. What are we reasonably capable of doing this day? When do we feel like we’re forcing things? What comes naturally and easily to us?

Our pace and rhythm will vary day-to-day. As long as we honor our abilities and capabilities and stay positive overall, we will progress on our wishes while feeling well and good about ourselves.

Today’s message reminds me that my dance with life is different each day. Some days a lively cha cha, some days a slow and measured strut. When I enjoy the pace I can set each day and let my dance reflect how I feel, I interact with life happily.

Please reflect and share. What’s your rhythm like today?