A barrier in thought only.

We may have a tendency to think of reasons why things won’t work out well. It is a human trait, and we can get quite creative in coming up with potential roadblocks.

Yes, we don’t want to be overly naive about the feasibility of things. But we also don’t want to become stymied by the barrier of our negative thoughts.

Often the reasons we may believe things aren’t doable don’t have to do with other folks’ potential actions or the overall nature of the situation. All too frequently, fear around our own capabilities is the driving factor in our disbelief.

When we recognize we’re in the grasp of our own naysaying, we may wish to do a reality check. Have we ever tried something similar before? Have we consistently failed in this aspect in the past? Even if yes, what makes us think the situation is identical and will lead to one further failure?

When we get practical, rather than emotional, in reasoning with our fears, we may find that we can shift our mindset to be more positive.

Today’s message reminds me that often what I see as barriers are only blocks in my own mind. If I’ve thought myself into such a quandary, I can certainly think myself out of it as well.

Please reflect and share. How do you create mental barriers to what you want?