Create something.

For many of us, life is about achieving. We strive to meet goals and quotas at work. We exercise and diet with target numbers in mind. We accumulate money in hopes of purchasing our dream.

In all these efforts, we expend our energy to reach a goal that is outside of ourselves. We’re trying to create a physical result.

Less often do we use our mojo to create something, to honor a vision or feeling that arises inside of us. But without this essential form of expression, we deny our own self-worth.

It doesn’t really matter what form this creative expression takes. It could be a poem, a sketch, a tasty dish, a handwork project, or a piece of furniture.

We can express our vision outwardly and share it with others, if we wish. Or we can simply create for our own pleasure. However and whatever we create, it will help renew us in spirit. Whether our creation is “good” or not (in our eyes), it is perfect because it expresses our inner being.

Today’s message invites me to honor my creative side. In allowing my mojo to take tangible form, I recognize myself as an essential part of Creation.

Please reflect and share. How might you express yourself creatively?