Let it out.

We all have our own personal take on life, on what reality is like for us. No two individuals see existence quite the same way. Experience between members of different cultures and species can vary widely.

This can cause frustration in communication, when we simply can’t get others to see things our way. We may struggle with the disconnect between our vision and others’.

A dandy way to ease that frustration is to release our vision through creative means. We can paint or draw, write prose or poetry, compose or play music, craft items, build furniture, etc. Tangibly giving birth to our way of seeing things gives it a physical place in the world.

It doesn’t matter if others approve or disapprove of our creations. We make them to express ourselves, not to win approval. We create things to allow our vision to be free.

Van Gogh, Monet, and other Impressionist artists we initially mocked and rebuked for their personal visions. Now they are considered artistic masters.

Today’s message encourages me to give further play to my creative vision. When I express myself, I offer my vision to the rest of Creation. The fact that I offer it is more important than how it is received.

Please reflect and share. What creative vision is bubbling up inside of you?