Incremental is where it’s at.

Likely most of us have something about ourselves or our lives that we’re trying to change. Very possibly, we have been trying or wanting to do so for some time.

We may have a vision in our head of the finished result Our current reality probably isn’t close to that imagining.

We may wish we could wave a magic wand and make it so. The dramatic nature of instant gratification alteration has its appeal.

Rapid change, however, often is accompanied by fallout. We may experience or generate trauma. We may not be adequately prepared—mentally, physically, or emotionally—for a lightning quick shift.

The destabilizing effect of such a sweeping alteration means the change needs to be grounded. If we fail to do so, our desired state could easily crumble.

If we’re a bit more patient with our change, we can accomplish it in readily achievable stages. Mastering one stage, we can stabilize it. Then, when we have celebrated and absorbed the effects of our effort, we can tackle the next stage.

Today’s message advises me that lasting change is best taken in a reasoned manner. While it may not have a dramatic cachet, it is likely to yield me the desired results.

Please reflect and share. What goal might you achieve by stages?