Bad is not eternal.

Bad things happen all the time. More precisely, things we don’t want to occur happen anyway with some regularity.

This can leave us feeling downhearted, especially if the bad happening is a result of our own actions or choices. Our sense of culpability can make us unhappy with events and with ourselves.

It’s easy in this frame of mind to believe that a string of bad events is forthcoming. Or even that we will never be able to alter outcomes we deem unfortunate.

But in thinking this way, we’re forgetting the basic principle of life. Things change. Events flow. Nothing stays the same. This is true even for difficult circumstances. They will alter.

Today’s message reminds me, when an undesired thing occurs, to look forward to a positive turn of events. Believing in the good helps attract it into my life.

Please reflect and share. How do you get past negative thoughts?