Let go of what you don’t want.

We’re often pretty clear about what we don’t like or want. It gets us upset and we feel badly.

We certainly know we’d prefer something else. Sometimes we know what we’d want instead. Other times we may not be sure what that might be, but we are determined we don’t want what is.

When we’re upset about what we don’t want, we’re tied to it energetically. The more we resent, regret, and bemoan, the more firmly we attach ourselves to what we don’t desire.

In order to have space in our lives for our dreams, we need to release focus on what we don’t want. That means letting go of our emotional ties to it and any associated sense of victimhood we might have.

Today’s message invites me to release my resentment and fear load. When I’m clear, free, and empty, I can more easily manifest what I do desire.

Please reflect and share. What might you usefully let go of?