Reconsider what’s acceptable.

Usually, we have a clear idea of what we find acceptable. Often this relates to our treatment by others. This might be our salary and work and/or working conditions. It also could be how we’re treated in relationships. Or it might be our health or living conditions.

Our thoughts and beliefs on what is acceptable to us can sometimes lead to our unhappiness. This might occur when we have standards that are either higher or lower than what might be healthy for us.

When we have low standards or self-esteem, it can lead us to be a doormat. We accept whatever comes our way even if it makes us unhappy.

When we have high standards, it may make us a bit of a prima donna. We may expect perfection of others and can make ourselves unhappy when others prove to be only human.

Today’s message suggests I may benefit from an honest review of what I can or can’t live with. When I ensure I’m respected by myself as well as others, but also allow myself and others to be human, I’ll be more consistently happy.

Please reflect and share. What do you consider to be acceptable?