We all make decisions based on the data available to us at the time. We do our best, but that information is always incomplete.

Sometimes, later, we receive additional input on the situation, details that may change how the scenario appears to us. We have the opportunity to re-think our previous conclusions.

When we’re at least somewhat open-minded, we recompute our decision, taking the new information into account. However, if we have an emotional investment in our previous decision, we may be reluctant to alter it.

This hesitancy can occur if we’re afraid to admit we might have been wrong. Or, if we’ve judged someone, we might have developed animus that doesn’t allow us to see them in an alternative light. Or, it might be too costly in other ways—monetary, reputation, effort—to undo our previous decision.

Today’s message invites me to re-think a conclusion I may have reached in the past. Keeping an open mind helps me develop a more benevolent character.

Please reflect and share. What decision might it benefit you to re-think?