All is well.

Some days it can feel like the world is golden. Other days it may seem like thing are all messed up.

In our personal lives, large patches of okay are likely interspersed with bits of difficult and wonderful. Our outlook can shift depending on present happenings.

Current events on our planet may vary. Crises may come and go, all seemingly dire at the time.

Creation—for the most part—is much as it always has been. On a grand scale, we and our planet are a tiny portion of the whole of existence.

Events that can seem horrific to us are a minor snag in the vast web of Creation. On this greater scale, all is well. All is always well.

When we feel overwhelmed by events in our lives, it can help to tap into the underlying peace of goodness of all that is. Contemplation, prayer, meditation, and gratitude can assist to get us into this sacred space.

Today’s message reminds me that everything is okay, always has been and always will be. When I shift my perspective to understand my connection in the whole of Creation, I find peace and fulfillment in the moment.

Please reflect and share. How do you find peace and greater understanding?