It’s easier than you think.

We sometimes put things off. We don’t want to do them for some reason. Maybe we don’t like the activity or the people involved. Or perhaps we’re afraid to make the attempt.

We may go over the delayed activity in our head, emphasizing all the ground for not doing it. Or we may conveniently continue to forget the task.

The longer we postpone, the more difficult of the action seems in our estimation. It may come to feel near impossible.

Often, if we just give it a try, we accomplish the dreaded activity quite readily. We may manage to pull it off without any significant challenges.

This scenario can leave us wondering why we delayed in the first place. We likely invested more time and energy into delay than was required to accomplish the feat.

Resistance, whether mental or emotional, made it harder for us to get started. Understanding why we resist may help us avoid the wasted energy going forward.

Frequently, our resistance may arise from self-doubt. Or other feared unpleasant emotions may cause us to be reluctant.

Today’s message invites me to find ways to make my life easier by resisting less. When I go about tasks practically and cheerfully with the understanding that I get all the support I need from Creation, I will find things much easier to accomplish.

Please reflect and share. What causes you to avoid doing things?