Creation is greater than our fears.

We manage to find plenty of things to be afraid of. Fear, to some degree, is part of everyday life for most of us.

We worry about our health, the economy, global warming, politics, personal finances, our loved ones, our jobs, etc. For many of us, fear, anxiety, and concern are part of the background noise in our daily lives. And they often step into the forefront of our awareness.

In meditation today, my passed cat Nimbus reminded me that fear is a product of our limited physical minds. We’re afraid of what we cannot personally control or affect.

However, Nimbus counsels, Creation is infinite, sourced out of the collective consciousness of all that is. Our awareness is part of that greater whole, but only a part.

So, Creation always has more mojo that we do as a limited physical awareness. It encompasses infinite potential.

Our fearful mindset often can see only limited and likely undesirable possibilities. If we do envision positive outcomes, they are bounded by the reach of our imagination.

Creation’s is unbounded. It can generate events and circumstances we might never deem possible or even be able to dream up.

When we’re willing to trust in the benevolent power of Creation, we need no longer worry. We can, of course, be anxious or fearful is we wish to, but the mindset is optional.

Today’s message from Nimbus advises me to spend more time savoring life and less time being fearful. When I open to free and trusting experience of Creation, good things are always coming my way.

Please reflect and share. What might your life be like if you divorced fear?