Personal software update

Most of us have either a smartphone or a computer. We’re accustomed to the routine of software updates.

We understand that periodic updates will help our devices work faster and more smoothly. We accept that as technology improves, our device’s operating systems will update to leverage that improvement.

We may not think about updating our personal operating systems. We likely have firmly held beliefs and thought patterns. We may reason that they’ve gotten us to this point just fine (in our opinion) and don’t need any tweaking.

But life is ever changing around us. If we continue to grow our understanding and expand our perceptual capacity, we help keep our life experiences fresh and interesting. When we grow personally, we get more out of life.

Today’s message challenges me to up my perceptual game. When I try on new ways of believing, thinking, and being, I move out of old patterns into new possibilities.

Please reflect and share. When was your last personal software update?