Slow down and observe.

We rush through life and make ourselves busy. We can often feel there simply isn’t enough time, time for the things we might rather be doing than what we are actually doing.

This pattern can leave us dissatisfied and stressed. We may feel we’ll never catch up to where we believe we should be. Sometimes it can seem disheartening.

When we have this feeling, it’s time to slow down. While it seems counterintuitive, we won’t get out of the unpleasant loop unless we stop ourselves.

When we take a break, we won’t want to think about all the things we feel we should be doing. Instead, we’re well served by taking time to observe.

Observe our feelings. Observe what is doing on around us in the moment, both pleasant and unpleasant. Observe how our thoughts and emotions affect our perceptions and interactions. . Observe what really makes us happy. Observe how it can feel so good to just stop.

Today’s message invites me to slow down. When I let myself be still, minus any self-judgment, I receive clarity about what makes me feel happy and well.

Please reflect and share. What might you realize if you slowed down?