Rest is nourishment.

Our society is all about accomplishment and accumulation. We’re trained to be busy and we often ignore the needs of the body, mind, and spirit to focus on achievement.

We recognize the need for food and drink. We get hungry; we get thirsty. So, we eat and drink, although perhaps not always healthily.

When we need rest, we feel tired. But somehow, we may decide that exhaustion can be ignored. We’re certainly more likely to short ourselves on sleep and rest than we are to skimp on food and drink.

But rest is essential to be healthy on any level. Our bodies need down time to recover and recharge. If we’re ill, we need even more sleep and relaxation to recover.

Our minds require relaxation so we can destress and subconsciously sort through any daily issues. We need to get out of the loop of thinking of problems and solutions and into the pattern of enjoying what is right in front of us.

Quiet is also essential to our spiritual wellbeing. When we get still, we can perceive our connection in love with the rest of Creation. This helps us focus more on the big picture and less on daily worries. It helps us feel at peace.

Today’s message invites me to welcome opportunities to rest. When I gift myself willingly with however much downtime my body, mind, and spirit ask for, I find that I function better and am happier and more relaxed during my uptime.

Please reflect and share. How might additional rest and relaxation benefit you?