Something good is just around the corner.

Many of us have been waiting for a lucky break. As a Wisconsinite, I’m ready and patiently anticipating Spring.

Regardless of what we’re hoping for, it can sometimes be hard to believe it will arrive. It may feel like we’ve been waiting for far too long.

Some of the scenarios we hope to see have an at least partially known arrival date. Spring, for instance, will arrive in Wisconsin in the next month or two.

Other events may be more up in the air. In these instances, it’s harder to feel certain they will occur.

Particularly in the latter case—unknown arrival date—we can help ourselves with positive visualization. Using manifestation techniques, we can reel in our wished-for scenario.

When we imagine the desired outcome in vivid detail involving as many senses as possible and then conjure up the emotions of gratitude and fulfillment, we add energy to the positive event that is birthing itself for us. We help bring it to life faster and more fully.

Today’s message reminds me that one of my wishes is close, within easy grasp. So close, that I can sense it, when I’m willing to suspend disbelief. When I feed my dream with positive images and emotions, it is just around the corner.

Please reflect and share. What is waiting around the corner for you?