Everything has its purpose.

Sometimes the whys of life are crystal clear. We have a chance encounter with an old friend we’ve been missing. Or the exact piece of information we need is overheard in a random conversation. We have a financial windfall just when we need it most.

Serendipity can bring us exactly what we need precisely when we need it. If it is something we’ve been longing or searching for, having it delivered to us feels like a blessing.

Other times something weird or unpleasant occurs. We wonder why on earth it happened to us. Are we a magnet for the unusual? Are we being punished?

Here’s the rub. Unlooked for or unwanted events also represent a blessing. We simply may not understand the reason we need them just yet. With the passage of time, their purpose likely will become clear.

As a result, what initially might have seemed to be awful (I lost my job with the economic downturn in 2020) may prove to be an improvement for us (my health has been much better since I’ve had more time and focus on self-care). Often in retrospect, we will understand the blessing associated with what seemed to be a curse.

Today’s message invites me to be grateful for my life regardless of what is presently happening. Creation always has my back, even if that isn’t always apparent from my perspective.

Please reflect and share. What difficult event later proved to be a boon for you?

For more on this topic, please see Chapter 7 “Let Go and Be Free” in my book “The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.”