Little can be plenty.

Socially, we can be conditioned to want the best, and lots of it. Advertisements, music, and movies all show us a rich lifestyle.

On social media, many of us reveal only the best aspects of our lives—a child graduating, marriage, a new house or vehicle, an idyllic vacation. We don’t tend to post about our children failing in school, divorce, bankruptcy, needing to repair an aging car, or a staycation.

We may disdain meals of leftover food. Cheaper grocery items may not appeal to us as much as pricier ones. We want new clothes each season. Having the appearance of being prosperous and fashionable can motivate us. We want to be doing well in comparison with others.

Many of the above, for the most part, only require money. It takes hard-learned skills and humility to be willing to happily live with less. If we do succeed in living a simple life, others may not understand our motivation (or lack thereof).

Today’s message encourages me to simplify and learn to be grateful for small blessings daily. I don’t need a fancy or fashionable lifestyle. If I am safe and healthy, have enough to eat and drink, can pay my bills, have loving friends and family, I am doing well!

Please reflect and share. What material aspiration might you benefit from giving up?