It’s all in the willingness.

Sometimes we just don’t want to do something. We may be tired, uninspired, feel pressured, or otherwise be reluctant.

As a result, we can postpone acting. The longer we wait, the more resistance we generate.

Now it may be that we really don’t need to actually take action. In that case, we can skip the dreaded task guilt-free. Problem solved, at least for now.

But other times, we really need to get the situation handled. We’re either obligated (legally or otherwise) or health or safety concerns may be involved.

When we have no other choice, continuing to resist just makes things harder. Once we give in and are willing to act, it often amazes us how much easier the task is than we anticipated. Our lack of willingness magnified the perceived difficulty.

Today’s message suggests I could muster a bit more willingness for postponed tasks. When I perform them with a lighter heart, they require less effort since I’m not fighting my disinclination to act.

Please reflect and share. How’s your general willingness?