Relive falling in love.

We’ve all fallen in love, whether it’s with a partner, our newborn child, a pet we’ve adopted, a career, or a favorite food or drink. There’s a magical feeling to it. Everything feels bright, and special, and new when we fall in love.

Endorphins certainly play a role in this feeling, but our thoughts and emotions do, too. When we’re first in love with someone or something, we’re focused on the positive, the things that distinguish the object of our love and make us feel fascinated.

We can recreate these sensations by remembering. Recalling the moment when we realized we were in love can refresh and renew our connection to whom or what we love and help us bask in pleasurable emotions. It will give us warm fuzzies.

Today’s message invites me to think on falling in love and to conjure up the positivity the process engenders. Holding a loving, exploratory, and joyful attitude will help me be in love with life in general.

Please reflect and share. What are your thoughts on falling in love?