Listen to your annoyances.

We all get annoyed with other folks and situations, ourselves included. We feel frustration with events and people.

Sometimes the annoyance is minor and easily forgotten. Other times we cling to our irritation.

Either way, in the moment our frustration has us feeling less than happy. We are bridling against what is.

We do want to pay attention to what annoys us, not so that we can cling to our grievances but to show us where we may have negative preconceptions about ourselves and life.

That which irritates us is that which we cannot accept in ourselves, others, and existence. By noting vexations, we gain understanding of how our beliefs can contribute to unhappiness.

Today’s message recommends that I pay increased note to what bothers me. When I understand when and why I get upset, I have the needed clues to figure out how to be happier with what is.

Please reflect and share. What are the major causes of your annoyance and why?