Release what troubles you.

We’re all troubled by some people and situations. A few are unavoidable, many are not.

We persist with folks or scenarios we find irritating or upsetting because we don’t readily see a way not to. We may feel obligated or that we should engage, or we may not see how to back away without upsetting someone else. We may also be so accustomed to the issue and our accompanying emotions that we don’t even think anything else is possible.

Living with ongoing annoyance or perturbance is draining. We continually leak some of our energy to the upset. This can leave us feeling lackluster or drained.

There are two sane solutions to this dilemma. We can either remove ourselves from the troubling situation or individual. Or we can choose another way to react to the problem. Sometimes a combination approach works well.

Today’s message invites me to remove my attachment to energy-draining situations. I can either distance myself or reframe my emotions around the scenarios. Either way, I will feel better about myself and life.

Please reflect and share. How might you handle a troubling situation differently?