Listen to yourself.

Most of us could improve our listening skills. We may listen to others in order to prepare a response rather than listen to understand.

When this happens, we fail to really hear what others say. We’re too busy evaluating and planning what to say in return.

So, many of us could benefit from slowing down and receiving when others speak. It would improve our perceptions and our relationships and interactions with others.

Sadly, we also like don’t listen to ourselves well either. We may blurt emotionally, failing to recognize how we actually come across to others. We may not hear how we actually sound.

Worse, we may fail to pay attention to what our body and emotions are trying to tell us. Even if we do recognize these sometime subtle messages, we may ignore them in favor of doing what we want or what we think we need to do.

Today’s message invites me to up my listening skills, both internal and external. When I listen to understand, I will know how to care for others and myself with more love.

Please reflect and share. How are your listening skills?