Real isn’t real.

Most of us believe we know what is and isn’t real. We probably find it easy to identify individuals who seem to have a tenuous grasp on reality.

In identifying folks who we think are out of touch, we feel more assured that our take on reality is correct and true. We’ve worked hard and weathered difficult experiences, giving us what we sense is a firm grasp of the real.

However, reality is all based on perception. What we believe is real is real—for us. It may not be the reality others inhabit. The real is a highly personal affair.

Our perceptions of life are limited, circumscribed by our experiences and our willingness to perceive beyond them. So, our reality is one we create. It represents a portion of divine totality—Creation—a part that we’re willing and able to perceive.

Today’s message reminds me that I can always clarify my sense of reality by expanding my perceptions and my willingness to see things from alternative viewpoints. My real isn’t your real, but I can come closer to understanding yours by choosing to relax the boundaries I’ve set on my own reality.

Please reflect and share. How fluid is your sense of reality?