Visit your imagination.

We all spend time using our imagination. We visualize what we want to be. We brainstorm solutions to issues. But we generally imagine things to order, for a specific purpose.

Less often, we let our imagination run rampant. This can be painful if we allow it to lead in response to our fears. Then we dream up worst case scenarios and suffer, even though they have not actually occurred.

When we allow our imagination to take the lead in more neutral circumstances, we explore uncharted territory. This is where the gold is to be found, in our subconscious.

Unexpected visions and insights come to the surface. Fresh concepts and dreams arise. Our deepest desires make themselves known. We learn more about ourselves and Creation, as well.

Today’s message invites me to take a trip courtesy of my imagination. When I engage my creative genius without a set outcome, I open to the richness of life.

Please reflect and share. Are you willing to let your imagination guide you?