It’s easier than you think.

Recently I’ve become aware of at least four situations I felt anxious around. My emotions made me a little reluctant to take action on them, since I had decided they would be challenging to handle.

To my surprise—and later as the scenario kept repeating itself, to my chagrin—I found the issues resolved themselves with little or no effort on my part. The only thing making them difficult was my thoughts.

So often, we are the ones getting in our own way. If we expect challenges, we’ll likely find them, even if they are of our own manufacture.

If we’re willing to believe we’ll be supported in our needs and desires, we’ll probably discover that to be true. We get to decide just how difficult we perceive life to be.

Today’s message invites me to allow my life to be easier. When I’m confident I’ll get what I need, I most likely will.

Please reflect and share. How do your thoughts and emotions make your life harder?