Enough is enough.

Most of us worry about having enough—enough money, enough time, enough love, enough material stuff. We not only pursue these items and relationships, but we also fret about whether they will last into the future.

When we’re anxious about whether or not something is lasting, we’re unable to enjoy it fully in the present. We poison our current happiness with the fear that it won’t exist in the future.

Almost always, the durability of something we want is beyond our control. Perhaps that is what fuels our anxiety. We can’t ensure it will continue. We can however make sure we enjoy it now and make our gratitude apparent.

Today’s message reminds me that having enough in the moment is good enough. When I fully appreciate something right now, my gratitude will help me attract more of it in the future. And meanwhile, I’m happy.

Please reflect and share. Do you worry about having enough?