Give yourself grace.

We all have ways we want to be and things we feel we should do. Often, we fall short of our self-imposed mark. We fail to do or be what we hoped for.

We may wish we handled some situations differently. Diet goals may elude us. Failure to accomplish what we hope to can leave us feeling lacking. There are so many ways in which we can be hard on ourselves.

It’s okay when we mess up or fail to reach a goal, as long as we learn from it and course adjust. This is how we improve—by failing. When things don’t turn out as we wish, it’s an opportunity for us to try a different approach.

Today’s message invites me to rethink my approach to my perceived failures. When I give myself some grace, I’ll feel better about myself and can learn, thus putting myself in a better space to succeed next time.

Please reflect and share. What recent perceived failure might you learn from?