Schedules are made to be changed.

We made schedules to try to keep ourselves on track with activities and goals. They may be formally written down or only in our head, but most of us plan out what we need or want to have happen in some sort of order.

We hope to stick to our agenda, but life often intervenes. Unforeseen circumstances, lack of resources, and loss of enthusiasm all can delay or reroute our progress.

We can become frustrated with the shift in our plans. It helps when we remind ourselves that our schedule was only a best guess of what should happen when based on what we knew at the time.

The situation and our understanding of it likely has changed, possibly significantly, from when we initially set out our agenda. It only makes sense that our plan would need to flex to accommodate the changes.

Today’s message suggests that I may need to allow a bit more flexibility in my planning. When I have an overall goal and am willing to change my approach to suit current circumstances, I’ll be happier and more successful.

Please reflect and share. What part of your schedule needs tweaking?