What you can do has to be enough.

Sometimes we struggle. A difficult situation can arise, one that we feel we can’t adequately impact. Likely, some or all of the situation is out of our control, as is true of so much of life.

We may feel inadequate and may berate ourselves for not being able to do more. We know that what we’re capable of contributing may not be sufficient to ensure the outcome we’d like to see. It sucks.

Our relative powerlessness may also have us feeling angry, sad, or at a loss. Our pain only makes the situation more unpalatable. We don’t like what’s going on and likely we don’t like ourselves, in the moment, either.

However, our emotional struggle won’t change the outcome. It’s best to acknowledge how we feel and then try to accept what is. We’ve done the very best we can, what is within our power, and that has to be enough and okay.

Today’s message suggests that I put in my best effort with less emphasis on the outcome, especially if it is outside my control. My goal is to give of myself and talents, as much as I’m willing and capable of, and then let Creation see to the outcome.

Please reflect and share. What difficult situation is currently outside of your control?