Bless your life as it is.

Sometimes things in our lives don’t feel exactly right. We may be bored, disappointed, lonely, or ill. We feel that somehow life could be better.

It’s simple to focus on what we don’t have. Somehow, it’s easier to complain than it is to praise.

In any given moment something is going right for us, even it is just the fact that we’re alive. Most likely we’ve had food and drink today, have shelter, aren’t in physical danger, have had some sort of contact with another human being or member of another species, and aren’t in imminent risk of death. These are all good things on which to place our focus.

When we pay attention to what we do have, it’s easier to feel satisfied and content.

Today’s message reminds me of the many blessings I have experienced today. Grateful for all that is going right in my life, I bless myself and Creation with my thankfulness.

Please reflect and share. What blessing is yours right now?