Waiting can be fertilizer.

We want things and we want them now. Desire for immediate gratification is pervasive in our society.

We’re accustomed to using our mouse to make things happen right away. We order shopping items, queue up movies to stream, and fire off emails all with the click of a button.

Our smart phones are with us everywhere. We keep up with social media contacts, swipe left or right on dating sites, and get the latest news all in “real time.” The need to communicate and respond immediately rules us.

And yet, there is virtue in learning to wait. We develop patience and acceptance for what is. Importantly too, we learn to make subtle (or perhaps dramatic) changes in ourselves to ready ourselves to receive our wishes. Our willingness to wait and prepare fuels the growth of our dreams.

Today’s message reminds me not to expect immediate results in important matters. When I accept that good things can take time, I learn to be grateful in advance,

Please reflect and share. What are you willing to wait for?