Do it again.

We’re all guilty of this—we’ve let successful strategies and tactics fall off. Things that worked and likely worked well we’ve given up doing, perhaps for no good reason.

We may have felt they required too much effort. Or we may have found them a bit boring. Or we may have tried something different that didn’t work, but for some reason didn’t go back to what was tried and true.

We certainly don’t want to cease a good habit just because it is a habit. And sometimes it is advisable to look for new ways of doing things. We need to apply some discernment in making this type of decision.

Today’s message suggests that I’ve dropped a useful habit, one that it would be good to re-establish. When I know when to continue on a path and when to diverge, I will be wise indeed.

Please reflect and share. What helpful tactic would it serve you to try again?