Look for the signs!

We tend to think of life as something that happens to us. In our worldview, we’re usually the protagonist of the story and everyone and everything else are supporting characters and backdrops.

In a different take on life, we are divinely interconnected with everyone and everything. We influence everything and everything influences us. We’re inseparable from all of existence. It’s a divine collaboration.

This way of seeing life features holy coincidences and significant serendipity. Existence is fraught with meaning, even the smallest interactions. A random conversation, a chance sighting of a bird or insect, a song on the radio, a strong aroma, a physical frisson—any and all occurrences can be signs and messages for us.

Today’s message invites me to be more open than usual to chance portents. Life is always offering me opportunities for magic and messages to guide me.

Please reflect and share. What sign has creation offered you today?