Shine your star!

We all have talents and traits that are ours alone. Sometimes others appreciate them and sometimes they don’t. We may also be embarrassed by them, afraid that others will think less of us for being different.

But we can’t hide from ourselves. Our gifts and characteristics may be hidden and unused inside of us, but they won’t go away. The more we may try to ignore them, the harder it becomes to keep them tamped down. They are an intrinsic part of us and as such, cannot be denied completely.

If we don’t allow our talents and uniqueness elbow room in our lives, we may struggle and feel something is missing. Or we may behave in ways we don’t understand, as our abilities and individual nature strive to surface.

The traits that are exclusive to us are a gift from Creation. They’re part of the magnificent and varied panoply of life. When we try to hide our true selves, we are censoring Creation. This is never a wise move.

When we exercise our special gifts and uniqueness, we add to the richness and variety of life—both for us and for others too. We share what is specially ours to honor it.

Others may or may not understand our strengths, but that’s okay. We’re not looking for approval, we’re helping ourselves to feel free and complete and honoring infinite Creation.

Today’s message invites me to be myself fully and openly. When I live fully as myself, my life is rich and fulfilling.

Please reflect and share. What part of yourself could benefit from more open expression?