Relive only what you want to repeat.

It’s easy to look backward. We all reminisce and review past events. Some are pleasant and some are not so pleasant.

Often, we may spend more time mulling over past traumatic events than we do remembering past pleasures. Somehow, difficult and painful events can stay with us more vividly than joyful ones do.

A bad memory can be like a sore tooth. We just can’t seem to stop revisiting it over and over again. Each time to go back to it, we only reinforce its hold on us. We’re stuck reliving things we’d rather not ever experience again.

While we may not be able to prevent difficult memories from cropping up, we can control how much headspace we give them. If we divert our attention to something, anything pleasurable—especially if we can identify something good going on in the moment—we at least temporarily break the spell of the painful event.

Today’s message advises me to only look backward briefly, especially if what I remember is hard to deal with. Keeping my focus, in general, on what I want to see in life helps me attract more of what I want.

Please reflect and share. What difficult memory would you like to put to rest?