Freedom and responsibility are linked.

Most of us living in organized society have considerable freedom. We have the ability to make many choices for ourselves without consulting others. We can vote, move, express our thoughts and opinions, and interact with others as we choose, as long as we don’t break laws.

Most of the laws we have are intended to protect the common good. We may or may not agree with them all, but we’d likely share the opinion that at least some of our laws are needed.

Within the bounds of legality, we have broad latitude to elect our behavior and self-expression. We feel it’s our right to be free to largely to as we choose.

We may forget that freedom and responsibility are tied together, if we live in an organized society. We do have the right to make personal choices. The responsibility also exists for us to ensure our decisions support the common good and harm none.

Today’s message reminds me to cherish both my freedom to make choices and my ability to support the well-being of others of all species. When I lively freely and don’t impede other’s ability to do so as well, I balance my needs and the needs of life as a whole.

Please reflect and share. How do you balance acting responsibly and freely.