Truth matters more than spin.

Regardless of our political beliefs, we’ve all been inundated with controversial news stories. The political conflict simmering in our country is disturbing.

We likely get our new from sources that support our general beliefs. So, we read about what’s going on and feel outraged and vindicated. Things appear to be perhaps even worse than we might have imagined.

We wonder how those of differing beliefs can possibly hold the opinions that they do. It seems—to us—that any right-thinking individual would come to the same beliefs that we hold personally.

Somewhere in the morass of public rhetoric lies the truth. It may be what you believe, what I believe, or even something entirely different. But we won’t find truth by parroting stories that confirm what we already believe to be true.

Today’s message invites me to keep an open mind about current events. How I experience reality will mirror my beliefs. I may be best off believing that the truth will reveal itself and we will all find a way to coexist peaceably.

Please reflect and share. How do you feel you’re handling the news of current events?