Sucky isn’t necessarily permanent.

We all suffer disappointments and hardships. It’s challenging; it hurts. We can feel depressed and it may seem that things will never improve.

And it is possible that they won’t. But it isn’t likely. Except for incurable and fatal diseases, improvement is probable.

It simply is hard for us to recognize this likelihood when we’re bogged down in difficult emotions. Unfortunately, the more we focus on the difficulty of the situation, the more we tend to attract more the of the same.

If we can simply reassure ourselves that the odds are things can and will get better, we will comfort ourselves in the hardship and will increase our chances for something better to happen.

Today’s message encourages me to look for rainbows. Rain right now might be just what is needed (even if I don’t understand) and it won’t last forever. Life is a series of ups and downs rather than a long decline.

Please reflect and share. Where might you need an injection of positivity and hope?