Do what you can.

Sometimes we’re stymied. We come up against a roadblock and can’t proceed with the task at hand. It can be frustrating and we may make repeated attempts, none of which succeed.

We may decide to change our approach, hoping that shifting something will allow us to get past the barrier. And this may actually work. But sometimes it just doesn’t.

We can give up in discouragement. Or we can do something else. There likely is another activity we want to or need to pursue. Taking a breath and doing something different is a way to accomplish something useful or pleasurable. And we at least won’t be wasting our time with no result in sight.

Meanwhile the blocked issue can percolate inside us disregarded, allowing us to unconsciously come up with a different strategy.

Today’s message invites me to put my energy into things I can actually make happen. When I focus on what I can do, I will be happier.

Please reflect and share. What task is frustrating you and what might you do instead?