Balance opposites.

Polarity seems endemic in our society. We’re regularly divided on so many issues—politics, religion, abortion, COVID, equality and social justice, the Supreme Court, the Constitution.

There is no shortage of topics that are guaranteed to generate conflict. This is painful and crazy making. Loss of close relationships with family and friends has resulted from the attendant disagreements.

Even worse, we’re also conflicted inside ourselves. Part of us feels one way while another part feels differently. The inner discord causes stress, pain, and confusion and may result in inaction.

We feel that only one of the alternatives can be true and right. And we may not know which truth to honor.

But what if both options are true dependent on our perspective? What if we can embody both truths? What might that look like?

Being willing to open our minds and hearts to explore the concept that everything is true, based on perspective, will expand our consciousness and our compassion—for ourselves and for others. When we can hold contradictory ideas as true at the same time, we grow in understanding.

Today’s message suggests I would benefit from a session of balancing opposites within me. When I am willing to embody contradiction inside of me, I will be more capable of dealing with it kindly in the world around me.

Please reflect and share. What contradiction lives within you right now?