Everything is real.

In these polarized times, we clearly have differing opinions about what is true. Accusations of “fake news” abound. We know what our opinions are but may sometimes question what is or isn’t real. How can we know?

Here’s the thing. Everything is real. Existence is based on perception. What we believe to be real is true for us, based on our perceptions. We get to decide what is or isn’t real—for us.

Further, we can shape our reality based on what we believe. If we don’t like our existence, changing our beliefs (and consequent thoughts) helps us experience something different. When we change what’s inside of us, we also change our perception of what is outside of us, too.

Today’s message invites me to curate my reality. I can elect to believe what I wish and thereby tweak my perception of what is real. I get to choose.

Today’s message. What belief might you alter to shift your reality?