Sometimes there is no good decision.

We’ve all been in this scenario. We need to make a decision and none of our options are ideal. There is a downside to each and every choice.

We struggle and may postpone deciding because we don’t want to have regrets. Sometimes the delay works in our favor. More information may become apparent, clarifying our choice.

Other times waiting doesn’t seem to help at all. Our options all continue to have some negative aspect.

Eventually, we may need to make a choice. A reasonable guideline may be this: what is the decision that we’ll be most comfortable living with? Out of our alternatives, which one most respects our values?

Today’s message invites me to take a slightly different approach to pending decisions. When I make choices most coherent with my personal ethics, I will know I’ve done my best.

Please reflect and share. What do you do when you have a hard time choosing?